Red coral necklace


There are many coral imitations out there but this is the real thing. You can tell by the vivid colour, the lustrous finish and the unmistakable “fingerprint” pattern, visible under a 10x loupe. Precious coral, or corallium rubrum, native to the Mediterranean, has been harvested since antiquity and has been cherished by many civilisations for its beauty.

Precious coral has also been over-harvested and sold illegally. As a result it is now listed as a threatened species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Fishermen and marine biologists have been working together to prevent over-finishing, to maintain coral populations and to develop techniques to preserve the seabed flora and fauna.

Today, corallium rubrum harvesting is strictly regulated in the Mediterranean. There are only 100 licensed scuba divers who are only allowed to fish in rotating sea beds from May through September in Italy.

Our humble but beautiful coral supply here at Fi Atelier comes mainly from second-hand sources, cleaned and re-polished in-house. A rare find and a conscious, sustainable choice.


Necklace length: 45 cm

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All items are handmade, one by one, in our atelier in Arnhem. This is why every item is unique in its beauty! Treat with love, store with care and wear with pride.

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Coming from the past, moving through eternity


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