Asymmetric iolite and pearl earrings


Asymmetric earrings with white and greyish-blue freshwater pearls and a natural iolite briolette set in gold-plated silver wire.

The irridescence of the pearls and the pleochroism of iolite add to the mystery. These earrings will show slightly differnet hues ranging from colder purples and blues to warmer turquise depending on the light and surrounding colours. They will complement any skintone and eye colour!

Please note that pearls can vary enormously in size, colour and overtone, something which is very difficult to display in pictures. No two pearls are the same! If you long for absolute symmetry and perfection, this product might not satisfy your taste. If, however, you love natural, imperfect and free-form jewellery, then these earrings are the choice for you 😉

Length approx. 5 cm


All items are handmade, one by one, in our atelier in Arnhem. This is why every item is unique in its beauty! Treat with love, store with care and wear with pride.

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925° Sterling silver, Gold plated silver, Black oxidized silver, Pink gold plated silver


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